Raīz Unique Objects is a distinguished design brand founded by visionary architect and architectural designer, Antonio Matrēs, in New York in 2020. The company stands at the forefront of the design world, celebrated for its impeccable curation of exquisite treasures that seamlessly blend heritage and innovation.

At Raīz, artistry and sustainability intertwine harmoniously. Each creation is meticulously crafted, bearing the mark of artistic integrity and reflecting the dedication to eco-conscious materials and ethical production methods. From furniture and decor to curated collections, Raīz Unique Objects offers a tapestry of elegance, captivating clients across the world. The team's relentless pursuit of design excellence is evident in every piece, transcending traditional boundaries and sparking a symphony of emotions through artistic expression. With a vision that extends beyond aesthetics, Raīz aims to inspire a conscious appreciation for beauty and craftsmanship that resonates on a deeper level.

With a remarkable journey that emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 era, Raīz has grown to become a trailblazing force, garnering acclaim from esteemed design councils and discerning clients alike. The success of the brand is a testament to the team's resilience, passion, and boundless creativity. As the heart and soul of Raīz Unique Objects, Antonio Matrēs leads with a distinctive artistic vision, while the addition of Giulia Finetto and Dino Koljenovic in 2022 fuels the company's growth and innovation in the realm of new business development and sales.

Raīz is more than a design brand; it is a journey of transformation, where spaces come alive with the essence of art and where art becomes an integral part of life's narrative. With each creation, Raīz Unique Objects continues to redefine the boundaries of design, captivating hearts and inspiring the world with its unique and awe-inspiring treasure.