About Us

RAIZ Unique Object, stewards of a visual experience for everyday life

… promoting the tradition of craftsmanship.

… custodians of textures and smells of fabrics and natural woods.

… proctors of visual attraction RAIZ Unique Object, curators of artists and couturiers.

Our collection of hand selected items from international luxury designers. Streamlining the vision of modern, timeless, and responsible work, this innovative retail concept combines acquisition of prized objects with in-person experiences in our pop-up locations. RAIZ items are not mass produced, but rather, they are uniquely collected to each client’s needs.

Our Story

Much of the inspiration for Raiz, the roots from which Antonio’s career began are the core of this project. At one with oneself, at one with nature, he thrives to combine all the roles and identities he has had in his evolution as an architect and Interior designer. He has conceptualized RAIZ as interior design’s marriage of the natural with the modern. 

A professor, an architect, a painter, a lover of poetry – these areas of his identity inform the strength of collaborating designs from a global perspective. Antonio is invested in honoring nature in conjunction with its expiration. In anticipating decomposition, we accomplish a deeper sense of depth. Roots sprouting from the ground; the origin of an idea, painted in color and textured by natural elements with a unique path of structure and functionality. The beauty in its use but also in its decay and reentry to the elements around; true poetry between manufacture and nature.

Antonio defines design as being about the long term, not simply the now. Bolstered by fifteen years of evolving knowledge and adaptive execution through his architecture firm in Madrid, and the past six years running Antonio Matres multidisciplinary Studio in New York City – RAIZ proves to be an exciting new step is an opportunity to elevate the experience in interior design globally.

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