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RAIZ Unique Objects in New York, NY and Englewood Cliffs, NJ is founded on the bases of uplifting and continuing the tradition of craftsmanship. We strive to honor communities of artists and designers, curating a visual experience for everyday life. All pieces in Raiz are about natural materials that appeal to the senses. From the intimacy of a fabric’s texture, the smell of natural wood, to the visual attraction of form- there is a precision to our collection of hand selected items from international luxury designers. Streamlining the vision of modern, timeless, and responsible work, this innovative retail concept combines acquisition of prized objects with in-person experiences in our pop-up locations. RAIZ items are not mass produced, but rather, they are uniquely collected to each client’s needs.



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Streamlining your experience, every featured piece in these spaces speak to one another, a step curated further by our designers. Blending traditional materials with modern design, Raiz Unique Objects can be paired in infinite ways. These systems show the different ways in which they can coexist.

In the Artist's workshop


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vase small – dark grey


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vase square mini – coffee


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Fall living room

Fall living room

triple vase


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vase on three legs


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long neck vase


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floor lamp


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lounge chair


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salad bowl


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Deeper dive

An exploration of the design culture that Raiz cultivates. Whether news in the industry, or a conceptual observation, the articles here address innovation and education for members of our community. As a company based on the collaborative visualization of many companies and entities, this section expands on the power that has. Raiz understands and caters to the senses, we invite our customers to as well.

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