Musings: Wabi Sabi

Some of the most striking elements of the natural world are found in the moments of perfect symmetry, geometry and balance. From this base, the life they live as things age and evolve- we embrace equally its imperfections. It is with this consideration that wabi sabi functions, embracing all stages of existence. By embracing simplicity, the inevitability of aging and imperfection, and nature- design and furniture in particular is elevated.

Wabi- sabi is derived from the buddhist teaching of the various marks of existence. Originally focused on the loneliness of living, it now implies a more rustic simplicity, freshness, and quietness. A work of furniture need not be loud in order to have impact. Embracing material and elevating its original state, from a knot in a wooden table or the texture of clay, the use of familiar states of life evokes a response with more ease. 

From the history and background that originated Wabisabi, bringing this into the future of design is the ultimate opportunity. Well items may be primarily for decoration, functionality and necessity will always take form as well.As naturally as a flower decorative plants, and eventually this living plant will wilt, finding a way to create a seamless art of design and aging within this design preparing it for constant evolution, we stretch the longevity of its lifetime while honoring it’s in evitable change.

As applies directly to furniture, our spaces change as our homes move. Raiz sees craftsmanship and tactile design the ultimate way to infuse the care and nature of wabi sabi into furniture pieces and spacial design. We aim for authentic design, clean and emotional interiors. Inspired by land, natural imperfections and traditions of craftsmanship on a global scale- sourcing pieces from multiple perspectives while connecting in a unified aesthetic.

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