An Observation of the Ecosystem and Design

Raiz- meaning root in Spanish- reflects the center of our business’ philosophy. As the roots of a tree support the greater form that is visible, Raiz embraces the power of collaborative vision. As the phases of nature form a larger ecosystem, so we infuse this into our design philosophy. Bringing principles of design into conversation with the ways in which nature operates, we allow  opportunities to connect with our intuitive relationships to the world. By breaking down the operation of an ecosystem in relation to design, we address the sensory experience of occupying, existing, and elevating our potential as designers. 

Honoring light at nutrition, utilizing and manipulating its capabilities in any given space, is essential. As it feeds and fuels photosynthesis, by manipulating the way in which occupies a room and varies in a day, a precedent for growth and creation is set. Every object and item relates to the light, attention drawn or taken away based on placement. The items in our homes or workplaces facilitate the moments of actively benefiting from light. 

From living room elements to bathroom accessories, from the lounge chair, to the nightstand, to the decorative books stacked on a coffee table- as humans we require the support of these touch points to organize the flow of our own days. Facilitating productivity, our spaces fuel our lives, which in turn fuels each other. Our curation of specific aesthetics created by multiple designers allows this to best be supported – a community, an ecosystem, of thoughtful and impactful design. 

Our philosophy on design also stems from the knowledge that the individual items have lives of their own. Aging implies the eventual evolution, or replacement, and knowing this leaves little room for error. Built around a strong conceptual foundation, items can be replaced or renewed to operate in the space. Rather than simply having a singular statement piece, a working system of communicating parts creates vibration, energy, and most of all life.

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